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      New Construction

      BC Energy Step Code

      BC has committed to taking incremental steps to increase energy-efficiency requirements in the BC Building Code and to make buildings net-zero energy ready by 2032 in line with CleanBC goals. The BC Energy Step Code is a part of the BC Building Code.

      The BC Energy Step Code sets performance requirements for new construction and groups them into “steps.” All authorities having jurisdiction over the BC Building Code—including local governments—can choose to require or incentivize builders to meet one or more steps of the BC Energy Step Code as an alternative to the code’s prescriptive requirements.

      While not subject to the BC Energy Step Code, the City of Vancouver has its own Zero Emissions Building Plan (ZEBP) . The Plan has four strategies to require the majority of new buildings to have no operational greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, and all new buildings to have no greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

      On BC Energy Step Code website you will find information on how the BC Energy Step Code works, the multi-stakeholder Energy Step Code Councillocal government implementation updates and other use useful resources.

      Enerma Energy Solutions BC energy step code

      Energy Advisors for New Builds

      When it comes to energy efficiency upgrades, there are thousands of options. Even for experts, pinpointing the optimal design is unrealistic. When it comes to Energy advising for new buildings, we work with you to go through as many of these options as possible.

      Before starting, check out all rebates for new buildings and renovations using the Rebate Search Tool.

      enerma Energy Advisors for New Buildings
      We have a background in mechanical engineering design and energy systems analysis. We know what efficient buildings look like.
      Our platform eliminates the guesswork. This artificial intelligence engine calculates the most cost-effective ways to meet energy targets.
      Save time by letting us coordinate with the building and mechanical teams directly. We work together to develop the most effective upgrade strategies and understand restrictions. Then, we present options to you for approval.

      Pre-Construction Home Energy Evaluation

      Required to Obtain the Building Permit

      ✓ Energy modelling from building plans
      ✓ Energy advising – achieving EnerGuide Ratings and Step Code targets
      ✓ EnerGuide label
      ✓ Homeowner Information Sheet
      ✓ Full House Report
      ✓ Compliance Reports
      ✓ Guidance with rebates


      The City of Vancouver (CoV) is not governed by the BC Energy Step Code Projects in the City of Vancouver must comply with the Vancouver Building Bylaw (VBBL), and the Zero Emissions Building Plan

      Energy Rebate enerma Enerma Energy Solutions BC energy step code

      New Construction

      BC Step Code Rebates

      Find information on Rebates for new homes, learn how to Qualify for Thousands of dollars on rebates.

      CleanBC Better Homes helps British Columbians find rebates that save energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions. New home builders get up to $15,000 in rebates to lower the cost of meeting the new BC Energy Step Code.

      ​There are four types of rebates:

      • ​Rebates to reduce cost of hiring an energy advisor
      • Rebates when you meet specific Step Code levels
      • Rebates for energy efficient equipment and mechanical system
      • Rebates to build all-electric homes with no fossil fuel

      Rebates are available from BC Hydro , FortisBC and Near Zero Emission Program.

      CleanBC Better Buildings or BC Commercial New Construction Program provides funding for the design and construction of new high-performance buildings that use high-efficiency electricity in place of fossil fuels, in order to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. BC Better Buildings is funded by the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada under the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund. This program provides capital financial incentives up to $500,000 to cover a portion of the incremental cost to build a higher performing building, compared to a building that simply meets the minimum code requirement of the BCBC. The higher performing the building, the higher the rebate. BC Better Buildings incentives are administered by BC Hydro and FortisBC and support multi-unit residential buildings, commercial buildings, and institutional buildings.

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